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Posted: February 26th, 2023

THEO 104

Image of Salvation Essay Template

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· Introduction (100-125 words)

· Definition and description of chosen doctrine, including biblical, theological, and historical contours (200-275 words)

· Explanation of the relationship between the chosen doctrine and the problem of sin (150-225 words)

· Application (200-250 words)

· Conclusion (100-125 words)

Refer to the “Course Policies” in the course syllabus for the formatting expectations in this course.



The doctrine of salvation is a fundamental belief held by Christians around the world. It is a concept that is rooted in the Bible, and it represents the idea of redemption and deliverance from sin. The image of salvation is an important part of this doctrine and helps to illustrate the different aspects of salvation. In this essay, I will explore the image of salvation and how it relates to the problem of sin, as well as its biblical, theological, and historical contours.

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