Islam architecture|Legit essays

Posted: February 26th, 2023

In your opinion what makes Islamic architectural interiors so unique in comparisson to other architectural periods you have studied so far?

compare islamic architecture to Greek, Roman, Mesopotamia and Egyptian architecture

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use book as reference.



Islamic architectural interiors are unique and distinct from other architectural periods for several reasons: Use of Geometric Patterns: Islamic architecture is renowned for its intricate geometric patterns and motifs, which are used extensively in its interiors. The use of these patterns not only creates a sense of harmony and balance but also serves a functional purpose by allowing for the efficient use of space. Ornate Calligraphy: Islamic architecture also incorporates ornate calligraphy into its interiors, with verses from the Quran and other religious texts often used as decoration. The use of calligraphy adds a spiritual dimension to the design and reflects the importance of the written word in Islamic culture.

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