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Posted: February 26th, 2023

Reflection Paper of Teaching Demo



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Reflection Paper of Teaching Demo

Developing and first teaching demonstration seemed daunting, but after I had completed it, I got a chance to watch myself teaching. I have learned a lot from the teaching demonstration that I have developed. My teaching demonstration is good but imperfect, meaning it has some strengths and weaknesses. I will analyze my teaching demonstration and present strengths and weaknesses that I can notice. Finally, I will discuss learned techniques that I will use to improve teaching in future


I started my demonstration with a smile. Smiling helped me to build rapport with the students. The tone that I used was clear with sufficient volume that displayed confidence. I also started my demonstration with a good introduction to the topic. I believe I made the students develop an interest in the topic by discussing real-life situations and how they relate to the topic. In a question form, I addressed learning objectives, thus making students curious and attentive. Throughout the presentation, I asked several guided questions that invoked the students’ memories and allowed them to relate what they knew to the topic. B posing a real-life question, I used a student learning approach to invigorate motivation to find answers to such problems. In this way, I make learning interesting, as students are keen to know how to deal with real-life problems. Another strength of my demonstration is the application of a student-centered learning approach. I believe that I allowed my students to take an active role in class rather than a passive one. I allowed students to discuss with their peers and encouraged them to ask relevant questions. Students role-played hypothetical social situations. I also encouraged students to work in groups to solve some problems. I ensured that I get to know students by their names, which helped me get their attention. For example, I mentioned Mr. James, one of the learners. Whenever a learner answers a question, I compliment them, thus making them feel appreciated. In this way, I connect with the students and encourage them to think and apply personal experiences to the learning objectives.


One main weakness that I have realized with my demonstration teaching is that I did not connect with all learners. The topic could evoke different emotions, especially when I asked them about their personal experiences with violent behaviors. I may not have been sensitive to different upbringings and cultures. I also assumed that all learners were at the same level of understanding, and by doing so, I somehow failed to connect with all students. I just realized I overused certain words. For example, I kept on saying ‘anything’ several times. I also failed to summarize my lecture and ended the presentation abruptly.

Techniques to Improve Teaching

I will engage more in my future teaching, make students understand the learning objectives, and use more teacher-centered teaching methods. I will also try to appreciate diverse learners and recognize the different learning abilities of students. By doing so, I can provide individualized learning strategies that bring out the best in every learner. I will try to be culturally sensitive throughout my instruction to solve my main weakness of failure to connect with all students.

Discussion 7

There are a variety of tools that can be used to enhance teaching. Select one tool from the list and provide a brief report to the class. You should describe the purpose of the tool as well as any perceived strengths and weaknesses you noted in your review.


Possible tools include (but are not limited to):


Google Apps for Education, Padlet, Kahoot, Infogram, MixCloud, Poll Everywhere, Vimeo, Vine, Youtube, Captivate, Articulate Studio, RubiStar, Moodle, Desmos, Instagrok, Khan Academy, Crash Course, Prezi


This website includes other examples as well:


Please cite with a peer review


Moodle is an open-source learning management system that allows instructors to create online courses, manage resources, and engage with students in a variety of ways. Its purpose is to provide a platform for delivering and managing learning content and activities. One strength of Moodle is its flexibility and customization options. Instructors can design and structure their courses according to their preferences, and they can choose from a range of activities and resources to engage students. Another strength is its collaborative features, including discussion forums, wikis, and group activities, which enable students to interact with each other and share their ideas.

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