to examine y |My course tutorstrengths and develop a plan for moving forward.

Posted: February 26th, 2023

write a final paper about your strengths.

This paper will allow you to examine your strengths and develop a plan for moving forward. Please use the guide below as your framework and ensure all areas are addressed.

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I. What Do You Do Best?

· Of all the things you do well, which two do you do best and why?

· Which activities do you seem to pick up quickly and why?

· Which activities bring you the greatest satisfaction and why?


· What are your top five Signature Themes as identified by the Clifton STRENGTHSFINDER? Which theme resonates with you the most and why?

· Based on your Signature Themes, what should a manager/supervisor know about working with you and why?

· Based on your Signature Themes, what should a co-worker know about working with you and why?

· How can a manager/supervisor help you with your strengths more within your current role and why?

III. Celebrating Successes

· What was your most significant accomplishment in the past 12 months?

· When do you feel the most pride about your work?

· How do you like to be supported in your work?

IV. Applying Talents to the Role

· What things distract you from being positive, productive, or accurate?

· Which talents do you have that could benefit the team if you had better opportunities to use them?

· What steps could be taken to ensure you have an opportunity to apply your natural talents to your role?

· Submit a 5-page paper double spaced

· Include a cover page and a reference page (not to be included in the 5 pages of paper content)

· Use the questions and bullets above as the framework and outline of your paper.

· Please provide at least four (4) relevant scholarly references to support your paper in addition to the STRENGTHSFINDER text.

· All references should be used as in-text citations.

· All work must be completed in APA format.

· You MUST submit your paper to the Smarthinking tool for review prior to submission.



Of all the things I do well, two things that stand out to me are my ability to learn quickly and my strong communication skills. I have always been able to pick up new concepts and skills with ease, which has allowed me to adapt to different situations quickly. Additionally, I have a natural aptitude for communicating effectively, whether it’s through writing, speaking, or listening. I enjoy helping others understand complex ideas and facilitating conversations. Based on the Clifton STRENGTHSFINDER assessment, my top five Signature Themes are: Input, Learner, Connectedness, Ideation, and Intellection. Of these themes, Input resonates with me the most. I have a natural curiosity and love to gather information, whether it’s through reading, research, or conversations. I enjoy learning for the sake of learning and find that having a wealth of knowledge helps me make connections and come up with creative solutions.

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