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Posted: February 26th, 2023

Please read the case studies below and respond to the questions below. Please cite with peer review.

Case Study 4A

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Dr. Hollingsworth teaches physiological psychology, sensation & perception, and psychological tests & measures. Recently, Dr. Hollingsworth was approached by the department chair who wanted to discuss the number of failing grades in these courses. The chair was concerned that 25% of students failed one or more of these courses and had to retake the course. The chair asked to see the syllabi for the classes as well as the rubrics for assignments in the course. Dr. Hollingsworth was able to provide the syllabi but stated that he did not have rubrics for any assignments in these courses.

1. How do you think that the chair responded when finding out there were no rubrics for assignments in these courses?

2. Why might instructors use rubrics? Why might some instructors choose not to use rubrics?

3. Develop a brief rubric that could be used for a written assignment (e.g., literature review, annotated bibliography, etc.).


Case Study 4B

Using Technology

Ms. Jefferson has been teaching full-time for 25 years. Recently, she was asked to start using technology in her classroom. She typically writes on the whiteboard and uses lecture as her primary teaching method. She has rarely used PPT presentations and uses DVDs rather than online videos in class. She has no interest in teaching online either. Her teaching evaluations have been slightly above average although there has been a slight decline in the past 5 years.

1. Should Ms. Jefferson be forced to change her teaching methods? Why or why not?

2. What suggestions do you have for Ms. Jefferson as she tries to incorporate new methods into her classroom?

3. Why might some instructors be hesitant to use technology or teach online?

4. Find a video or website on using a technological tool that you could share with Ms. Jefferson that might be useful as she learns a new technology (e.g., PPT, Prezi, YouTube, etc.).


It is difficult to predict how the chair responded to the news that there were no rubrics for assignments in these courses. However, it is possible that the chair was surprised or disappointed that Dr. Hollingsworth did not use rubrics for grading assignments in the course. The chair might have expected that rubrics were being used as a way to ensure consistency and fairness in grading.

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