Why the U. S. Government should add Puerto Rico as a state|My essay solution

Posted: February 26th, 2023

The purpose of a Proposal is to argue for something/some action to be done; evaluate an opportunity; solve a problem or implement change and discuss how to do it. You are to select a Proposal topic that can be business or non-business related and write a six-page persuasive research proposal.  Examples of previous proposal topics include “Why the U. S. Government should add Puerto Rico as a state,”  “Why UWA should add a Study Abroad Program,” “College Athletes should (or should not) be paid,” “Why all Small Businesses should have a social media and website presence,” “18-wheelers should have their own interstate/highway system,” etc.  In your paper/proposal, you are arguing for or against something using research/facts/evidence and persuading your audience to act or to do something or not do something.  I have uploaded sample outlines and proposals for your review and reference.  A simple outline of your proposal is below:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Introduction
    • Background information/history
    • Statement of the problem/opportunity/call to action
  3. Body
    • Facts and evidence to support your solution or call to action.  Include costs, timeline, plan, resources (if available and needed).
  4. Close
    • Present your conclusions
    • Present your recommendations

YOUR TASK: Select a topic and write a 6 – 8 page (single-spaced) proposal convincing your audience to do or not do something. (The cover page is not included in the page count!)  Please include visuals or charts and graphs.Important: You must begin work on your research report immediately as time will pass quickly in this course!

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The standard workweek in the United States is five days, with eight hours per day, totaling to 40 hours a week. However, with the recent advancements in technology, communication, and automation, many companies have started to experiment with alternative work schedules. One of these alternatives is the four-day workweek, where employees work four days a week, with longer hours each day. The four-day workweek is gaining popularity around the world, with countries like New Zealand, Sweden, and Finland already implementing it. The purpose of this proposal is to argue that implementing a four-day workweek in the United States will have numerous benefits for both employees and employers.

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