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Posted: February 27th, 2023

You are starving!! You decide to order delicious garlic shrimp from Chinese #1 down the street. You can’t wait for it to

arrive. Finally, you hear the doorbell, and already you can smell the wonderful garlic shrimp and rice waiting for you in the

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bag. You open your containers, and pile a heap of white rice, and then poor the garlic shrimp on top of the rice. You grab

one of the shrimp from the top, and whoa, it’s hot! You almost burn your fingertips. You take a huge bite, and taste the

satisfying garlic shrimp in your mouth. It is delicious.

Using the power points and the textbook, students will answer the following questions:

1. Describe HOW you know you are eating and smell garlic shrimp versus rotten apples? What sense is being used? Is

it a general sense or a special sense?

2. Describe what type of receptors are used; how is the sensory information transmitted to the brain? Please be as

specific as possible.

3. Your final submission should be posted on this discussion forum for other students to view.

Students can use this forum to communicate with each other, call each on the phone and/or email.


The receptors used for hearing are specialized hair cells located in the inner ear. These hair cells detect vibrations in the air and convert them into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerve. The sensory information is then processed in the brainstem and auditory cortex to create the experience of hearing. For the sense of taste, receptors called taste buds are located on the tongue and other parts of the mouth. These taste buds contain specialized cells that detect different types of flavors, such as sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. When these cells are activated by food molecules, they send signals through nerves to the brain for processing.

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