Prepare networking and database reports|My course tutor

Posted: February 27th, 2023

Prepare networking and database reports for the scenario provided. For the networking report, describe the network configuration, explaining the role of each component and connection, following the diagram provided by your supervisor. Write a short description of any components you think are missing from the network diagram and provide a potential rationale that explains why you think these components are critical to the network. Specifically, state the functions of the components and describe how they contribute to the network. For the database report, modify the appropriate components of the provided database with the information regarding the employees’ computers and the upgrade. The table containing the date of each computer’s upgrade should be updated upon completion of this upgrade. The query identifying each employee’s upgrade date should be run. This will serve as the type of report that would be given to Help Desk staff to communicate with employees.

IT 505 Network Diagram

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Prepare networking and database reports|My course tutor
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This is an illustration of the network configuration for the organization. Use this diagram for Milestone Two and the Final Project.





Networking Report:

The network configuration for the organization is shown in the diagram provided. The network includes a central switch that connects to several other switches, each of which is responsible for connecting to a set of workstations. Each switch is connected to the central switch using Ethernet cables. The central switch connects to a router that provides access to the internet and other external networks. The router connects to a firewall, which controls access to the network from external sources.

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