Security in a Complex World|Course hero helper

Posted: February 27th, 2023

Analyze network security threats, risks, and solutions presented by mobile devices in BYOD workplaces.

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Analyze three common security threats for enterprises employing a BYOD policy.

Explain the risk factors associated with mobile device security threats.

Analyze how two significant features of a specific mobile OS keep their devices secure.


Analysis of Three Common Security Threats for Enterprises Employing a BYOD Policy: Data Leakage: One of the significant risks associated with BYOD policy is data leakage. Mobile devices are prone to data leakage, which can happen through various means like unauthorized access to sensitive information, unsecured communication channels, or malware attacks. Personal devices may lack the necessary security protocols and encryption methods to safeguard sensitive data. Employees may use personal cloud storage services or email clients that are not approved by the company, creating a potential vulnerability. Malware Attacks: Another common threat in BYOD workplaces is malware attacks. Malware can be installed on mobile devices through malicious links, downloads, or app installations, which can result in data theft, financial loss, or system damage. Personal devices may not have the same level of security features that corporate devices have, making them more susceptible to malware attacks.

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