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Posted: March 3rd, 2023

Module 06 Assignment – Disaster Preparedness Guidelines

Module 06 Content

  1. Competency: Identify the Practical Nurse’s role in disaster preparedness.

    Purpose of Assignment:

    Scenario: The hospital where you work is revamping its disaster preparedness guidelines to ensure all medical professionals understand their role during all types of medical emergencies. The goal is for medical professionals to understand the types of injuries they will see, their role in triage and interventions, and how all of the roles will work together to provide exceptional care to all patients.

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    You will select a disaster and create an FAQ that will inform the new guidelines. The FAQ should include the following:

    1. The type of disaster
    2. The presentation of symptoms or types of injuries that would be expected
    3. The things the hospital should have ready in order to provide proper care should the disaster occur (such as PPE, etc.)
    4. The roles of all care professionals in triage and interventions
    5. How the medical team members will work together to provide care
    6. Format:
    • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
    • Logical, original and insightful
    • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
    • Submit document through Grammarly to correct errors before submission
    • Resources:
  3. A: During a hurricane, the most common injuries include lacerations, puncture wounds, and head injuries due to flying debris or falling objects. Additionally, there may be cases of waterborne illnesses due to contaminated water sources or exposure to floodwaters. Patients may also present with respiratory distress or exacerbation of chronic respiratory conditions due to mold, dust, and other airborne particles.

    A: The Practical Nurse plays a crucial role in a hurricane disaster by providing immediate medical assistance and triage to those affected. As part of the healthcare team, the Practical Nurse may be responsible for assessing and addressing injuries, administering medication, and providing wound care. The Practical Nurse may also assist with the evacuation of patients, particularly those who require specialized medical equipment or assistance. Additionally, the Practical Nurse may provide emotional support to patients and families affected by the disaster.

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