Confidential Informants-Discussion|Legit essays

Posted: March 3rd, 2023

Chapter 4: Confidential Informants-Discussion

Please respond to the following questions and make sure that your response is 100 words or more.

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Confidential Informants-Discussion|Legit essays
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1. What are the problems with using criminal informants?


2. What is the difference between a “snitch” and  a “confidential informant”?


3. Should the informant be given immunity from lawful punishment in exchange for cooperation? Explain your answer.



I Was An MS-13 Gang Member. How Can I Get Out-TED Talk

Please watch the video and give five key points or statements that you gain from watching the video. Make sure to explain each key points or statements. to an external site.



Chapter 4: Assignment

Write an essay on the purpose, motivational factors and restricted use of confidential informants. Make sure that you cite your work.



  • Using criminal informants can be problematic because they may have their own agenda and may provide false or misleading information to the authorities in exchange for personal gain or to protect their own interests. They may also be unreliable witnesses, and their testimony may not hold up in court. Additionally, there is the risk that the informant may become a liability, such as if they become involved in criminal activity while working as an informant. A “snitch” is someone who provides information to the authorities without any formal agreement or protection. A “confidential informant,” on the other hand, is someone who has entered into a formal agreement with the authorities to provide information in exchange for some form of protection, such as reduced charges or immunity from prosecution.

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