Giving Your Elevator Pitch with Todd Dewett |My essay solution

Posted: March 3rd, 2023

To prepare for this week’s discussion post:

This Week’s Discussion Post

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  • Develop a 30-second elevator pitch for your selected company (whether you’re working with the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice), using the tips provided in the videos and article.
    • Enclose your elevator speech within quotation marks.
  • Provide a rationale for the components included in your pitch.


Opening statement: The pitch starts with a friendly greeting and introduction of who I am, which helps to establish a personal connection with the listener and sets a positive tone for the conversation. Company description: The pitch provides a clear and concise overview of the company’s capabilities, which helps to establish credibility and relevance to the listener’s needs. Value proposition: The pitch highlights the benefits that the company can provide to potential clients, including generating content, improving customer engagement, and automating processes. These are all valuable services that can help companies achieve their business objectives. Unique selling proposition: The pitch emphasizes the company’s advanced technology and expertise in natural language processing and machine learning, which sets it apart from competitors and positions it as a leader in the field. Call to action: The pitch concludes by inviting the listener to learn more about how the company can help them achieve their goals, which encourages engagement and follow-up.

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