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Posted: March 3rd, 2023


Systems errors, human errors, and process issues can lead to sentinel events in a hospital. Create your initial post and then use the response prompts to reply to the scenarios or examples created by at least two peers.

Initial Post

In 200–250 words, construct a scenario or example of an error that would result in harm to a patient for your initial post. This scenario or example can be something you have witnessed or a hypothetical example of a sentinel event. DO NOT post the same scenario or example as a peer.

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How did organizational influence, unsafe supervision, etc. cause this error to happen? How will you avoid making such an error in the future?



A patient is scheduled for a routine surgical procedure to remove a benign tumor in their abdomen. The surgeon who will perform the procedure is highly experienced and has performed this same surgery numerous times. However, during the surgery, the surgical team realizes that the patient’s tumor is larger and more complex than anticipated. As a result, the surgeon decides to use a different technique than what was originally planned. However, due to miscommunication between the surgeon and the surgical team, the wrong surgical instrument is used during the procedure, which causes significant damage to the patient’s internal organs. The patient suffers from severe complications and requires an extended stay in the hospital. Organizational influence and inadequate communication within the surgical team led to this error. There may have been a lack of clear protocols and guidelines in place to handle unexpected events during surgery, which led to confusion and miscommunication. Additionally, there may have been inadequate supervision or training of the surgical team, leading to a lack of familiarity with the appropriate surgical instruments for the procedure.

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