How do myths reflect and influence the way cultures view the ideals for men and women|My essay solution

Posted: March 3rd, 2023

 Respond to the following two-part question in a minimum of 175 words (use only one post to respond to both parts):

This Learning Activity found in Week Three CONTENT is particularly helpful: Gods and Goddesses

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  • Part 1: How do myths reflect and influence the way cultures view the ideals for men and women? Do they represent good ideals? Bad? What might it say about a culture if one of the genders is missing from a myth?Are gender relations and power structures in myths the same among mortals as they are among the gods? Use examples from this week’s readings for your response.
  • Part 2: Select a god or goddess from this week’s reading who you would choose as a role model for yourself or for your children. Base your selection on who you believe would be an excellent role model for women or men or both. Explain your choice.


Part 1: Myths reflect and influence cultural ideals for men and women in various ways. They serve as a representation of the society’s values, beliefs, and expectations regarding gender roles, behaviors, and relationships. Often, myths provide idealized versions of masculinity and femininity, portraying the characteristics that are desirable or admirable for each gender. For instance, the Greek myth of Apollo portrays him as a paragon of masculinity, with his physical beauty, musical talent, and martial prowess. In contrast, the Greek goddess Athena embodies the ideal of femininity, with her wisdom, intelligence, and skill in warfare.

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