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Posted: March 3rd, 2023

You have been working as a team leader on the oncology unit on the evening shift at Swift River Hospital for the last 5 years.  Besides yourself, you have two LPNs and two nursing assistants assigned to your floor.  You have 18-20 patients during the evening.  Your normal staffing ratio is one LPN working with a nursing assistant for each 9-10 patients.  You supervise the entire team and do all the duties that only an RN can do such as intravenous meds, doctor rounds, nursing care plans, patient teaching and evaluation of patient care.

This afternoon when you reported for duty you had a LPN, Erin, assigned to your team who normally works on Labor and Delivery.  During report you asked her if she was comfortable administering oncology medications and monitoring blood transfusions.  Erin indicated that she was nervous but would come to you with any questions.

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It has been a very busy evening with new admissions and two high acuity patients.  You start a blood transfusions on Mr. Smith before you go to dinner and tell Erin to keep a close eye on him because he has a history of a severe reaction to a blood transfusion.  Although Mr Smith was given medication to control blood reactions, you want him monitored closely.  You come back from dinner and find a commotion in Mr. Smith’s room.  He had experienced a anaphylactic reaction to his blood transfusion and the Erin did not realize that she should have stopped the transfusion and report it to another RN, who was covering for you in your absence.  Erin was waiting until you came back from dinner to report the reaction to you.  It was not until another LPN entered the room and noticed the reaction then stopped the transfusion.  You had assumed Erin knew that the unit protocol calls for the immediate secession of blood transfusions when the first sign of a reaction appear.  Erin said that she was unaware that she should have stopped the transfusion or reported it immediately.

What are the legal ramifications of this case?  Should Mr Smith die from this, would the legal ramifications be different than if he recovered from the incident? Who among the staff is responsible for this error in judgement? Discuss what you should do, if anything.  What responsibility and liability exist for the supervisor that assigned Erin to your unit, Erin and yourself? Use scholarly resources to support your decision.

This is a research-based case study.  Thus, this should be formatted like a research paper. Responses should be detailed and address all components of each question in a paragraph format opposed to entering answers under each

question. Responses should be articulated at the college level and include

complete sentences, proper punctuation, and proper grammar using APA guidelines.  If you are unsure of proper APA guidelines, visit:

Responses must be typed and submitted as a Word document.

***See the attached document for the entire assignment***



Nursing Leadership 203

Case Study

(Literature Review)


The literature review is assigned to introduce the nursing student to evidence-based research, using online

databases to search scholarly references, and writing scholarly work in APA format.

Student Learning Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following student-learning outcome:

● SLO 12: Integrate respect for differences in beliefs and values of others as a critical component of

nursing practice.

● SLO 21: Describe workforce strategies that support efficient and effective quality patient care and

promote improved work environment for nurses.


This assignment is worth 100 points and 10% of your entire grade.

Criteria for Format

1. Paper (excluding title page, appraisal of literature chart, and reference page) at least 2-3 pages.

2. The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

3. Times New Roman 12 point.

4. Minimum of 3 scholarly references must be used. References must be current within the past 5 years or


5. Title, body, and reference page must follow APA guidelines.

6. Citations and references must be used.

7. As per the APA manual (7th edition) rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation apply.

8. Paper will be graded based on the quality of information, use of citations, grammar, and sentence


Appraisal of Literature Chart Article Database Study Type Peer Reviewed

Y/N Level of Evidence

Grading Rubric







Analysis 20 Points

Addresses all

17 Points

Partially addressed all

16 Points

Does not address all

14 Points

Does not address the

and areas of the questions and questions or does not topic with thoughtfulness

Reflection assignment rationale when include rationale when or thoroughness

thoroughly and prompted. prompted.

(Take an


position and

develop your

writing around

that stance)


20 Points





your writing

in a logical

sequence as


through the




20 points

The excellent

introduction to

your topic. The

rationale is well-

presented and



The conclusion is


and fully


17 points

Acceptable introduction

to your topic.

The conclusion is


16 points

Basic understanding

and/or inappropriate

emphasis on your


Limited use of original

explanation and/or


emphasis on an area.

14 points

Little or very general

introduction to your

topic. Little to no original


inappropriate emphasis

on an area.

Little to no original


inappropriate emphasis

on an area.

20 Points





facts and


to back

up your


20 points

Three scholarly

articles were

utilized. Review

of literature

complete and

easy to follow.

Appraisal of

literature chart


17 points

Three scholarly articles

were utilized. Review

of literature incomplete

or minor issues with flow

of material.

Appraisal of literature

chart present.

16 points

Three scholarly

articles were utilized.

Review of literature

incomplete or minor

issues with the flow of


Appraisal of literature

chart present

14 points

Three scholarly articles

not utilized. Review of

literature incomplete and

moderate issues with the

flow of material.

Appraisal of literature

chart present.

20 Points

APA format 20 points 17 points 16 points 14 points

(Follow 6th Title page, body, Minor errors Moderate errors with Severe errors with APA

Edition or and reference

page follow APA with APA

APA guidelines per 6th

7th edition of APA

guidelines per 6th or 7th

edition APA manual.

7th Edition guidelines per 6th guidelines per 6th or 7th manual. Minor errors

20 Points or 7th edition of with citations and or



(Pay close


to your










20 points

Writing is

professional, at a

collegiate level, and

includes complete


Rules of grammar,

word usage and

punctuation were

appropriately used.

No spelling errors.

17 points

Writing is

professional, at

a collegiate

level, and

includes some




rules of



16 points

Moderate rules of

grammar, word

usage, and

punctuation or

spelling errors.

Writing is

professional but

includes incomplete

sentences or slang

14 points

Severe issues with

rules of grammar,

word usage,

punctuation, or

spelling error.

Writing is



usage, and





20 Points



As a team leader and RN, it is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your team are competent and confident in performing their duties. In this situation, it is concerning that Erin was not aware of the unit protocol for blood transfusion reactions. As the leader, it is important to address this issue and take steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Here are some steps you could take: Address the immediate patient needs: The safety of the patient is the top priority, and in this situation, it is essential to address Mr. Smith’s anaphylactic reaction to the blood transfusion. Provide the necessary care and medical attention, and ensure that the patient’s condition is stabilized. Debrief with Erin: After addressing the patient’s immediate needs, meet with Erin to discuss what happened and why. Be sure to listen to her perspective and try to understand her thought process during the incident. Determine if there were any knowledge gaps or misunderstandings that contributed to the incident.

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