Theory – Practice Gap|My essay solution

Posted: March 3rd, 2023

Think back to the beginning of the course and consider your thoughts on learning about nursing theory. Did you question the usefulness of spending a term learning about theory? Next, consider your current practice environment now that you know more about theory. Is theory used in practice, or is there a theory practice gap that needs to be addressed?

  • If you think theory is known and used in practice, support your view with evidence.
  • If you think a theory – practice gap exists, support your view with evidence.

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I am a registered nurse; the discussion post should be only a page long. APA style. 3 references must be used, from the year 2015 and beyond. Below ill provide the grading rubric for discussions.


Nursing Theory in Practice
Nursing theory provides the foundation for the development of nursing practice. Nursing practice should be evidence-based, and nursing theory provides the evidence to guide practice (Alligood, 2017). Nursing theory enables nurses to understand the complexities of patient care and provides guidance on how to meet the patient’s needs. In my current practice environment, nursing theory is used to guide patient care. The nursing care plans are developed based on nursing theories that guide the assessment, diagnosis, planning, and implementation of patient care. The nursing care plans are regularly reviewed and updated based on the patient’s changing needs. Additionally, the nursing theories are used to guide nursing research, education, and management practices.

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