When is conflict healthy for a team?|My course tutor

Posted: March 3rd, 2023

When is conflict healthy for a team?

  • Identify instances when conflict or interpersonal differences might produce positive outcomes in teams.
  • Describe instances when a team or an organization suffered when there was too little conflict in the team.
    • You can use your own experience or research to answer this question.
    • Conflict is often viewed as a negative force in teams, but it can also be beneficial when handled constructively. In fact, healthy conflict can lead to greater team cohesion, innovation, and problem-solving. Here are some instances when conflict can be healthy for a team:Encourages Innovation: When team members come from different backgrounds and have varying perspectives, their differences can spark creativity and innovation. Conflicts can arise when people have divergent views on how to solve a problem or approach a project. However, these disagreements can lead to new ideas and solutions that might not have been considered otherwise. Builds Trust: Conflict can be an opportunity to build trust within a team. When team members openly express their opinions and concerns, they demonstrate vulnerability and honesty. This can create a safe space for open communication, which leads to better collaboration and stronger relationships.

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