Article Analysis Worksheet Newspaper/Electronic|Legit essays

Posted: March 4th, 2023


Choose an article (newspaper, magazine, industry journal-use different references for each article) that corresponds with each of the management functions (planning, leading, organizing and controlling). Locate a news newspaper, magazine, or trade journal article (written within the last five years) on the control function. You may use one of the articles from your project if you wish. Answer each question as listed in assignment guidelines provided in the attachment.

Also follow the Article Analysis Rubric for assignment details.

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MGT301_Article_Analysis_Assignment.docx(145.42 KB)

MGT 301 Article Analysis Worksheet



Newspaper/Electronic Source: _


Name of article: Date:


1. Provide a summary of the article (one – two paragraphs)



2. How does the article relate to course readings? Describe relevant history, theories or laws.













3. Comprehensiveness of Information

A. The 5 “W’s” and “H”


1. Who?

2. What?

3. When?

4. Where? _

5. Why?

6. How? _


B. Of all the 5 “W’s” and “H”, star the one you think is the most important. Why?








C. What is its impact? How many people were affected by it?







D. Who are the sources in the article itself? (Examples: journalist, lawyer, doctor, neighbor, police officer, forensics expert)






4. Personal Reaction

What do you think of this article? (Discuss in at least five complete sentences)



The article titled “Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important Than Ever In Hiring” emphasizes the significance of emotional intelligence in today’s workforce. The author describes how the increasing role of automation in the workplace has led to more emphasis being placed on hiring individuals who possess emotional intelligence, which cannot be replicated by machines. The article explores the reasons why emotional intelligence is necessary in the workforce and how it can benefit both employees and organizations. It also suggests various ways organizations can evaluate and develop emotional intelligence in their employees.

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