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Posted: March 4th, 2023


At-Risk and Real care plan for a 6-year-old child

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Problem or Need (NANDA Code) Estimated (Objective AND Subjective Data) Nursing Diagnosis Expected Results Interventions

Of nursing 3

Scientific Rational 3 Evaluations 3
High Temperature (Risk)            
Burning in skin lesions (Real)            




Note: Create a high temperature note in this case


D: Data

A: Action

R: Answer



At-risk care plan for a 6-year-old child:

  1. Assess the child’s medical history, including any illnesses or conditions that may put them at risk, such as asthma or allergies.
  2. Monitor the child’s diet and ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition.
  3. Encourage regular physical activity and exercise.
  4. Identify potential environmental hazards and take steps to minimize exposure.
  5. Provide regular check-ups with a pediatrician to monitor growth and development and identify any potential health concerns early.
  6. Educate the child and their caregivers about the importance of hand washing and other hygiene practices to prevent the spread of infections.
  7. Monitor the child’s emotional and mental health and provide support as needed.

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