Posted: March 4th, 2023

Create a 500 full sentence outline for your research paper. A full sentence outline is nothing more than a document that shows what the logical flow of your final paper will look like. It usually contains:

  • Introduction section with subsections
  • Discussion of content with subsections
  • Conclusion with subsections

Folks, absolutely NO quotes should appear in this document. Also, this assignment is NOT a rough draft of your paper. Again, it’s just a roadmap you create that shows how your final paper will flow topically.

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Write it all out in first person. Do not copy and paste from the web into this document. When you write this document, think to yourself: How do I want my final paper to flow? What topical areas will I touch on?

To make things super simple, I’ve even included an example full sentence outline. Use this as your blueprint. I want to see at least one full page of content. This deliverable is super easy if you don’t complicate it. But, if you rush it and turn in something thrown together at the last moment, you grade will likely reflect this.

Again, use the attached as a blueprint.


I. Introduction A. Background information on Cummer Museum and Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying B. Purpose of the research paper C. Thesis statement

II. Cummer Museum A. Identifying details

  1. Artist: Unknown
  2. Title of the work: Marble sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus and the Seasons
  3. Date: Roman, late 2nd century
  4. Media: Marble
  5. Location: Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, Florida

B. Description

  1. Subject matter: Depicts the mythological god Dionysus, surrounded by the four seasons
  2. Formal elements of art a. Line: Curved lines are used to depict the drapery of the figures b. Shape: Figures are depicted in three dimensions through the use of realistic shapes and proportions c. Color: The marble is white, with some areas of discoloration due to aging d. Texture: The surface of the marble is smooth and polished e. Space: The figures are arranged in a shallow relief, with limited depth

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