Module 4: Group Discussion (Collaborative Governance) (Responses)|My homework helper

Posted: March 4th, 2023

 Module 4 through 7 has an associated group discussion that should focus on discussing the course content for that Module. Each discussion will span the two-weeks of the Module. Each student is required to make an initial post during the first week of the Module (i.e., the first Wednesday through Tuesday of the Module) and then respond to at least two (2) peer students’ initial posts during the second week of the Module (i.e., the second Wednesday through Tuesday of the Module). Initial posts should aim to be 200-400 words and while there is no range for peer response posts these should be substantive and include more thought than “I agree with your point” or “I said something similar in my post”.

Use your own creativity in approaching the initial and response posts. Types of observations and reflections in the posts could include the following (but aren’t limited to this):

  • Pick a topic or concepts from required readings to reflect upon (e.g., what and why something interested you; what did you find the most interesting or practical that helped you gain new insight or skill).
  • Critique readings by adding something you can justify, showing how an author missed a point.
  • Validate something from the readings based on your own experience or other reading.
  • Include a discussion question for the group based on readings. DO NOT pose generic questions such as “What was your favorite part of the reading?” or similar questions.
  • Relate readings to contemporary events or news and post a link.


Another benefit of collaborative governance is that it can help build trust and promote social cohesion. By involving a diverse range of stakeholders, collaborative governance can ensure that the needs and perspectives of all groups are taken into account. This can help to reduce conflict and build more inclusive and resilient communities. However, there are also challenges to collaborative governance. One challenge is that it can be difficult to balance the interests and priorities of different stakeholders. In some cases, certain groups may have more power or influence than others, which can make it difficult to achieve consensus or make progress on certain issues.

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