Silvia Federici on Women and Capitalism|My course tutor

Posted: March 4th, 2023

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Silvia Federici on Women and Capitalism

13 Sep 2019 Your browser does not support the audio tag.

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Dan interviewed legendary feminist scholar Silvia Federici on Caliban and the Witch at her Brooklyn apartment. Next year, he’ll make a return trip to discuss Wages for Housework.

Here’s the article on the Pawtucket factory strike by Joey La Neve DeFrancesco that Dan mentions

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Topics: Capitalism Feminism Political Theory Guests: Silvia Federici



Silvia Federici is a renowned feminist scholar and activist known for her groundbreaking work on the relationship between women and capitalism. In her book “Caliban and the Witch,” Federici explores the role of women in the development of capitalism, arguing that the oppression of women was essential to the emergence of capitalism as a global economic system. According to Federici, women played a crucial role in the early stages of capitalist development by performing unpaid domestic labor and providing a free source of labor for capitalist enterprises. Women’s bodies were also commodified and used to produce children who could be raised as future workers. This exploitation of women was integral to the accumulation of capital and the expansion of capitalist markets.

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