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Posted: March 4th, 2023

Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is a short story that tells of the redemption and communion between two once-estranged brothers. How does the symbol of a cup containing scotch and milk that are blended together by the force of Sonny’s piano-playing serve to represent the coming-together of these lost siblings? Where else does Baldwin use religions symbolism to represent family healing?

Marcia Douglas’ “The Language of Snails” is rooted in Jamaican folklore in which human beings can turn into animals via sorcery and magic. Most organized religions tell us that human are very different from animals, but Evolution tells us we are all one interrelated Tree of Life. How does Douglas explore the strange, blurry line between humans and non-human animals?

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In “Sonny’s Blues,” the cup containing scotch and milk that is blended together by the force of Sonny’s piano-playing serves as a powerful symbol of the reconciliation and healing between the estranged brothers. The scotch represents the darkness and pain of Sonny’s past, including his struggles with addiction and imprisonment, while the milk represents the innocence and purity that Sonny has tried to recapture in his music. By blending the two together through his piano-playing, Sonny is able to transform his pain and suffering into something beautiful and redemptive, just as he is able to bring his brother and himself closer together through the power of his music.

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