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Posted: March 4th, 2023

Read- So many of the worlds (and our own) health problems can be addressed using a wellness and health promotion approach, a proactive model rather than a reactive model. Do you remember those early nurse leaders we discussed at the beginning? What about their contributions and the impact on our quality of life here in the United States? Why can’t we examine the work they did so long ago, the circumstances in which they did it, and carry that forward into our own communities and the world at large?

what was discussed- The historical development of the role dates back to 1965 when nurse Loretta Ford and physician Henry Silver, from the University of Colorado, suggested that a nurse practitioner (NP) could best alleviate the primary care shortage (especially in the area of pediatrics) and developed a pediatric nurse practitioner plan of study. Their efforts were met with much resistance from both the nursing and medical communities. Nurses thought such a role was “playing doctor,” whereas physicians thought such a role was “practicing medicine without a license.” However, the early work by Ford and Silva paved the way for advanced practice nursing

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-Instructions- Provides relevant evidence of scholarly inquiry stating how one may apply content.  Uses valid, relevant, and reliable outside sources to contribute to the threaded discussion. Respond to with substantive adds importance, depth, and meaningfulness. APA references must be within 5 years. Grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation are accurate.


The statement highlights the significance of a proactive approach in addressing health problems through wellness and health promotion. It is essential to examine the work of early nurse leaders and their contributions, which have had a profound impact on the quality of life in the United States. Indeed, nurse Loretta Ford and physician Henry Silver’s efforts in developing the pediatric nurse practitioner plan of study are an excellent example of how early nurse leaders paved the way for advanced practice nursing. Despite initial resistance from both nursing and medical communities, the development of this role has been critical in addressing the primary care shortage, particularly in pediatrics.

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