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Posted: March 5th, 2023

create a one powerpoint slide that Includes a team-building activity that can help with motivating employees. Outline the purpose, steps within the activity, and the desired outcome(s). Team-building activities are often used within organizational training sessions to increase trust, stimulate communication, and encourage collaboration. One of the key elements of the training activity should be focused upon communication and determining common aspects of personality traits among participants and identifying ways to overcome barriers of differences within personalities.

The team-building activity can be addressed within the PowerPoint, however the detailed outline of the activity will be submitted separately as a Word document, minimum of one page.

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Purpose: To enhance communication, trust, and collaboration among team members and overcome barriers of personality differences.


  1. Introduction: Explain the importance of team-building and the purpose of the activity.
  2. Personality Test: Ask each team member to complete a personality test (such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and share their results with the group.
  3. Discussion: Facilitate a group discussion on the similarities and differences in personality types among team members. Encourage participants to share their experiences of working with people with different personality types.
  4. Overcoming Barriers: Ask each team member to identify one way they can overcome the barriers of personality differences and improve communication and collaboration within the team.
  5. Team-Building Activity: Conduct a team-building activity, such as a problem-solving exercise or a trust-building exercise, that requires cooperation and communication among team members.

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