What is the significance of the episode’s title, “The Story We Tell”?|My homework helper

Posted: March 5th, 2023



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After viewing “, please answer the following questions:

· What is the significance of the episode’s title, “The Story We Tell”?

· What function has that story played in the U.S.?

· What are the stories about race that you tell? What are the stories you have heard?

· Did the film change the way you think about those stories? If so, how?



  • The title “The Story We Tell” refers to the narrative that has been constructed around the concept of race in the United States. It suggests that the story we have been telling ourselves about race is not the whole truth and that there are alternative stories that need to be acknowledged and explored. The story of race has played a significant role in the United States, shaping the nation’s history, culture, and politics. The idea of race has been used to justify slavery, segregation, discrimination, and unequal treatment of different groups of people. The dominant story of race in the US has been one of white supremacy, which has been used to justify the subjugation and oppression of people of color.

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