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Posted: March 6th, 2023

Below are two post, please give a simple response to each one 100 words each.

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Acquisition planning is the process in which the evaluation and selection of acquisitions that best meets the needs of the government or business. The purpose of the acquisitions plan is to ensure the government or business’ needs are met in a timely manner and most effective. This is an important part of the process because it helps develop and guide the acquisition through the process to meet the needs of the business in accordance with the FAR.

The Post Award phase includes implementing the grant, reporting process and completing the closeout requirements. This phase also requires a lot of oversight by the contract manager. The contract manager must ensure that all obligations and commitments are met within the contract.

In business, acquisition planning is important because it helps with identifying the needs of the business. This includes scheduling products in a timely manner in order to meet the needs of the business. At my job, I will look at our current production plan and forecast out at least six m onths at a time. Then I will look at my lead times from current vendors to ensure I can get required materials into the facility before it is needed. This requires me to be very familiar with the current production plan, where the shortfalls are and being ahead assembly. This requires much planning. Sometimes, this requires researching for new suppliers for products.

The post award phase in business takes the planning stage to the next level. Once the supplier is found for a product and the contract has been awarded for the business, it must be monitored. This requires knowing the lead times of the product and helping understand the processes in which to get the products. The acquisition planning and post award of a contract a very important to one another.


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Acquisition planning is a method for integrating and coordinating the actions of accountable persons into a complete plan, which is used in particular to meet organizational needs at the best possible time and cost. In order to control the acquisition, acquisition planning may entail improving the company’s entire strategy. Implementing the grant, progress reporting, and closing out requirements are only a few examples of the major labor that falls within the category of post award capabilities (Rendon, 2019). In company acquisition, combining the efforts of executives and employees can improve long – term goal achievement and ensure that it is done efficiently and on time. In the military, acquisition planning may entail gathering military members to coordinate and explain the yearly budget to them, it may involve gathering historical data from pervious or ongoing contracts to help determine the amount of contractors are needed on a contract or to value a contract as to meet the minimum standard. Also, keep in mind that materials are also a subject when determine details for the contract this goes back to the previous lesson. We can also visualize that the contacts post award for military may have a bit of an uproar from other contracting companies if they feel as if the determining factor was incorrect as for why they were not chosen.



In addition to identifying the needs of the business, acquisition planning also helps with managing costs and risks associated with the acquisition. By planning ahead and evaluating different options, businesses can make informed decisions about the most cost-effective and efficient way to acquire the goods or services they need. This can also help mitigate risks such as delays, quality issues, or supply chain disruptions. Effective acquisition planning requires collaboration between different departments and stakeholders within the organization, as well as with external vendors or suppliers. Communication is key throughout the process to ensure everyone is on the same page and any issues or challenges are addressed in a timely manner.

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