Conflict on the Edge of the Empire, 1713-1774|My essay solution

Posted: March 6th, 2023

PP. 133-139 The Population Explosion of the Eighteenth Century

A. Summarize the main points in this section.

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B. In your opinion, why was the Slave Ship a torment for the slaves and the crew?

PP. 147-150 The Varieties of Colonial Experience

A. Summarize the main points in this section.

B. In your opinion, how did the Zenger case lay a foundation for freedom of the press?



A. The section “The Population Explosion of the Eighteenth Century” likely refers to the rapid growth in population that occurred in Europe during the 18th century. This growth was due to a combination of factors, including improved agricultural practices, better sanitation, and advancements in medicine. The section may discuss how this population explosion led to various societal changes and challenges, such as increased urbanization, the rise of industrialization, and the spread of diseases.

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