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Posted: March 6th, 2023

Information Assurance – Counting on Countermeasures


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Research one countermeasure or information security service that is available today for information assurance.


Evaluate it based on the specifications and reviews. Identify who would use this countermeasure or service and why it would be appropriate for their needs. Illustrate this using an example of an online activity (e.g., banking, shopping) that could use this countermeasure. Create a visual representation in MS Visio of the activity to include in your short paper. Provide a short description of the visual representation, identifying the various information assets and the information states that pose vulnerability.


How would the countermeasure that you identified apply?


What vulnerability would it mitigate?


What are its limitations?


1-2 pages excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 references


Finally, you will need to create a visual representation of the online activity using MS Visio. This should identify the various information assets and the information states that pose vulnerability, as well as illustrate how the countermeasure would be applied to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Overall, your short paper should provide a thorough analysis of the countermeasure or information security service, its effectiveness and appropriateness for different users, and how it can be applied to a specific online activity. It should also include a clear and detailed visual representation of the activity and the countermeasure in action.

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