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Posted: March 8th, 2023

It is very important for all mental health professionals to take very detailed and thorough historical information from their patients. This information should include an adequate social history, complete medical history, and a full mental status examination with a probable treatment plan.

  • Describe three reasons it is important to gather detailed and extensive information from any patient before you counsel him/her or make medication suggestions.  Use evidence-based research to support your position.
  • Define malingering.  Discuss two ways to differentiate between malingering and a DSM5 diagnosis.  Use evidence-based research to support your position.

at least 500 words ( 2 complete pages of content) formatted and cited in current APA style 7 ed  with support from at least 3 academic sources which need to be journal articles or books from 2019 up to now. PLEASE, DO NOT INCLUDE THE WHOLE QUESTION. ONLY SUB HEADINGS IF NEEDED. NO WEBSITES allowed for reference entry. Include doi, page numbers, etc. Plagiarism must be less than 10%.

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  1. Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

One of the primary reasons for gathering detailed and extensive information from patients is to formulate an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. In mental health, it is important to assess all aspects of the patient’s life, including their social and medical history, as well as their mental status. A thorough evaluation provides valuable information about the patient’s current mental state, as well as past and present experiences that may have contributed to their condition. This information can help mental health professionals identify the underlying cause of the patient’s mental health issues, making it easier to develop an effective treatment plan (Kring, Johnson, Davison, & Neale, 2021).

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