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Posted: March 8th, 2023

Genetic engineering has become a burgeoning area of research in both the biological and environmental sciences. Advances have been made that may boast positive outcomes for individual health and the environment. However, there are a bevy of ethical dilemmas and risks.

In a 3-page paper (double spaced), discuss the ethical issues and dilemmas of this technology. Your paper should also define what an ethical dilemma is. Provide specific examples and research. Lastly, your paper should conclude with your opinion on whether or not this type of research should be conducted.

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Your paper should be 3 pages long (double spaced). Your paper should also be well supported by primary research. Please use APA formatting as well as incorporate a reference page. Your reference page does not count towards your page requirement.


Genetic engineering is a rapidly advancing area of research that has numerous applications in both biological and environmental sciences. It involves the manipulation of DNA to alter the genetic makeup of organisms. Although genetic engineering has the potential to benefit individual health and the environment, it also raises significant ethical issues and dilemmas. This paper discusses the ethical dilemmas of genetic engineering and provides specific examples of these dilemmas. It also defines ethical dilemmas and concludes with an opinion on whether this type of research should be conducted.

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