Patient Care The unlawful restraint of a patient can be a legal pitfall for the PMHNP|Legit essays

Posted: March 8th, 2023

The unlawful restraint of a patient can be a legal pitfall for the PMHNP.  K.W. was found eating hamburgers out of a Mcdonald’s dumpster and drinking water from an old water hose.  She had not taken a bath in weeks. She refused to live in an apartment because she wants to “live off the fat of the land.”  

  1. Cite the Baker Act law to defend your position.
  2. Find one newspaper article written in the last 5 years that supports your position.  Summarize the details of the case and the laws cited


at least 500 words ( 2 complete pages of content) (DO NOT INCLUDE THE WHOLE QUESTION, PLEASE). formatted and cited in current APA style 7 ed  with support from at least 3 academic sources which need to be journal articles or books from 2019 up to now. NO WEBSITES allowed for reference entry. Include doi, page numbers, etc. Plagiarism must be less than 10%.



The Baker Act is a law in the state of Florida that allows the involuntary examination and treatment of individuals who meet the criteria for being a danger to themselves or others due to a mental illness. The law states that a person may be detained for up to 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation. In the given scenario, if the PMHNP determines that K.W. meets the criteria for involuntary examination under the Baker Act, they may initiate the process to detain K.W. for a psychiatric evaluation.

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