Practical examples from an interpersonal conflict |My course tutor

Posted: March 8th, 2023

Page 136 of your textbook provides a list of items that can be separated out in a conflict. Select 5 of those and apply a DETAILED analysis of them. Make sure you clearly identify the strategy you selected. Your discussion and your analysis should be detailed and include practical examples from an interpersonal conflict you have experienced. Your response needs to be more than a definition, it should be a practical application as to how these separations impact our ability to resolve conflict in the workplace.


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One of the strategies for resolving conflict is to separate the issues and identify the underlying causes of the conflict. Here are five items that can be separated out in a conflict: Emotions: In many conflicts, emotions run high, and people may become angry, frustrated, or upset. Separating out the emotions from the issue at hand can help people focus on finding a solution. For example, if two coworkers are arguing about a project, separating their emotions can help them focus on the facts of the project and work towards a solution rather than getting caught up in personal feelings.

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