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Posted: March 8th, 2023

Please submit your peer review here by March 12, 11:59pm. For your submission, please leave the filename as is and add “_reviewed” at the end.

The peer review will be anonymous. I will send you the Introduction one of your peers wrote. I have created a random list of writer-reviewer pairs. As a peer reviewer, you will assess the chapter you have received. You will use the the Introduction Rubric to provide thorough and constructive feedback for all criteria. You will receive a grade for the quality of your peer review using this peer review rubric. Constructive feedback can be positive and negative; you should strive for a balance between positive and negative comments. When you provide negative comments, be sure to offer suggestions for improvement tactfully using professional language.

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To provide feedback, you should use the comment function in Microsoft Word (or your word processing software of choice). If you have not used the comment function before and struggle with it, please contact me as soon as possible. Briefly, you can highlight a section of text in Word, right-click it, and select “New Comment” (Windows); on a Mac you can highlight a section of text and then select “New Comment”. This comment will most likely contain your name – I will anonymize the comments before sending the reviewed chapter back to the original author. Begin each comment with the rubric criterion it addresses in bold font (see picture below).
You can include additional comments at the bottom of the document.

Please make sure to provide thorough feedback on all criteria listed in the chapter rubric. This will allow your peer to successfully address any areas that are still developing in their submission.

Your peer review will be graded based on the following (see linked rubric below):

  • Addressing all criteria
  • Providing thorough constructive feedback
  • Showing evidence that you thoroughly read and reviewed the paper
  • Providing both general and specific feedback

After you have completed your review, please add “_reviewed” to the end of the filename and submit it using the peer review assignment for each respective chapter.

The full peer review instructions and rubric can be found here


Overall, I found this introduction to be well-written and informative. The author provides a clear overview of the chapter and organizes the information in a logical manner. The purpose and objectives of the chapter are clearly stated, as is the significance of the topic and its contribution to the field. However, I did have a few suggestions for improvement. Clarity and organization of the introduction: The introduction is well-organized, but there are a few areas where the author could make it even clearer. For example, the sentence “This chapter aims to explore the impact of social media on mental health” could be revised to read “This chapter will explore the impact of social media on mental health by discussing the relevant literature and presenting findings from a study conducted on the topic.” T

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