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Posted: March 8th, 2023



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Purpose:  Understand the different options for the Implementation of an EHR


Task:  Create a discussion post where you analyze the approach to implementing a new EHR in a large integrated healthcare organization. What would be the best approach for a large integrated healthcare organization?  What is one challenge you could encounter with that approach, and how would you mitigate that challenge?

One approach to implementing an EHR is the “big bang” approach, where everything is implemented simultaneously.

Another approach is an incremental approach, where the system is built and implemented in parts or phases.



Criteria for Success :  5 points possible

· 2 points for detailing the benefits of the approach you chose as the best approach

· 2 points for identifying at least one challenge you might encounter with your recognized approach

· 1 point for describing how you would mitigate the identified challenge



When it comes to implementing a new EHR in a large integrated healthcare organization, an incremental approach is often the best approach. The incremental approach involves building and implementing the system in parts or phases. This approach has several benefits over the “big bang” approach. First, the incremental approach allows for better testing and debugging of the system. By implementing the system in parts, the organization can identify and fix any issues that arise more quickly and efficiently than if everything were implemented simultaneously.

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