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Posted: March 9th, 2023

Read and discuss, “A Rural Community Decided to Treat Its Opioid Problem Like a Natural Disaster” 


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Our next reading assignment is in the textbook. Read “A Rural Community Decided to Treat Its Opioid Problem Like a Natural Disaster” on  https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/10/28/658476111/a-rural-community-decided-to-treat-its-opioid-problem-like-a-natural-disasterLinks to an external site. . After you read the essay carefully, answer the following quiz questions.


Question 1

Which sentence best expresses the main idea of the article?

Group of answer choices


The sheriff of Snohomish County was clueless about the opioid problem until he saw the addicts in jail.


Snohomish County is approaching its opioid problem just as it does any other county disaster.


Snohomish County had a disastrous opioid problem, much like the rest of the country.


The residents of Snohomish County begged the authorities to help them with the opioid problem.


Question 2

According to the first chart, what do most people believe is the second most urgent health problem in their local communities?




Group of answer choices


access to care


drug addiction


drug abuse




Question 3

Remember that we can use context clues to determine the meaning of a word. The word spent in “surrounded by piles of spent syringes and trash” (paragraph 25) means:

Group of answer choices










Question 4

What do you think are the most urgent health problems in your own local community? Name at least three.










Question 5

According to the essay, most of the fatal opioid overdoses occur in rural areas. (Hint: page 673).




Group of answer choices






Question 6

Declaring an emergency enables the government to mobilize resources quickly. Governors often declare states of emergency during natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.


Think about a problem in your own local community that you think is urgent. It could be a health crisis, or an addiction issue, or lack of access to quality education — anything that you think is a serious problem.


Write 5-10 sentences in which you argue that your local government should declare an emergency to deal with the issue you chose.


Pre-writing, Making a Change Writing Assignment

Step 1: Stating your point

Once again, let’s work through all four steps in the writing process!  This will be our third major writing assignment.

Let’s review the steps:

1. Discover your point

2. Support your point with specific evidence

3. Organize your support

4. Revise and edit

The best way to get through steps 1 and 2 in the writing process is to use a  pre-writing exercise. 

This discussion board will serve as a type of pre-writing.

By working through the rest of the assignments in the next couple of modules, we are going to write a  narrative paragraph about a change you made in your life that has been really hard.


There are many things that we struggle with, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Every New Year’s Day, people make resolutions to change things in their lives — lose weight, read more, save more money, further their education. However, the majority of people don’t keep their resolutions for more than a couple of months.


Let’s write a paragraph about a change you made in your life that has been really hard. If you are still working on the change, discuss the difficulties you have had and how you are keeping focused on the goal. If you were already able to successfully make the change, discuss what you did and why you feel you were successful.


To learn more about writing a  narrative paragraph, take a look at chapter 2 pgs. 90-96. Writing narrative meant to tell a story that helps make our point clear. Present interesting details in the order in which they happened.


For this discussion board, let’s get through Steps 1 and 2 in the writing process.


First, in 2-3 sentences, describe the change you made in your life that was really hard.  Like this:

Last year, my doctor told me that I have high blood pressure. Since heart disease runs in my family, I knew I had to take this seriously, but I also wanted to avoid starting medication if I could. I started walking every day, drinking more water, and cutting salt out of my diet. It worked, and my blood pressure is now under control. 

Do not conduct any research for this paragraph; I’m only looking for your own experience or the experiences of people you know.  If you use any sort of internet sources for this assignment, you will receive a zero for plagiarism. 


Second, just like you did for the process paragraph, make a list of steps that you took to make the change in your life. These steps will become the outline for the story you will tell.  List 4-6 steps.


Third, three people who made a similar change as you. Reply to their post and tell them what you did that was the same, and what you did that was different.


By the end of this assignment, you should have decided on the major life change that you will describe in detail in a narrative paragraph. You should also have a rough outline of the story you will tell.


Next week, we will organize all of this to get ready for writing a rough draft!



Essay #1 Compare Contrast Outline


After brainstorming for this essay, use one of the outlines (one at a time or point by point) from this week’s compare/contrast outline handout to create an outline for your essay.  The topics are listed in the lecture notes. 

To review the outline forms, go back to lecture notes and review additional notes.

 * Remember, this is not a paragraph assignment.  You are creating an outline. 


Additional Lecture and Notes






Throughout the next couple of weeks, you are beginning your first essay. You will build upon what you learned about paragraphing to create five paragraphs. This week,  you will brainstorm and then outline your essay.

For this first essay, you are writing a comparison contrast essay.  Choose a topic from the list below:

Please do not do any research for this assignment.

· Medical visit before and after COVID-19

· Mental state or mental health before and after COVID-19

· Two different vacations

· Two courses you have taken

· Two family members

· E-books or text books

· Virtual vs real classrooms

· Two singers or groups

· Two teams

· Two athletes

· Two jobs you have held

· Two vacations you have taken

· High school vs college



The article “A Rural Community Decided to Treat Its Opioid Problem Like a Natural Disaster” discusses how Snohomish County, a rural community in Washington State, is approaching the opioid epidemic as a natural disaster. The article highlights how the community has responded to the opioid epidemic by creating a task force that includes law enforcement, healthcare providers, and community leaders, which coordinates efforts to address the issue.

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