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Posted: March 9th, 2023

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Imagine that you are a board member of a small nonprofit organization in Chicago. One day, you read in the newspaper about the executive director of the organization being investigated for possibly improperly using the organization’s funds. You know that you are limited in knowledge, but the organization is quickly receiving bad publicity. It could be that the director ultimately did nothing worthy of prosecution and that the investigation will result in no evidence of his wrongdoing. But maybe he did do something unethical. You call your fellow board members, but none of them have any further knowledge than what has been printed in the paper. You all feel the need to act, but you’re not sure what to do immediately. One thing you all reflect on is that, as a board, you all had provided very little oversight of the organization and its funds. As a board member, you consider what the board should do now–if anything. With a deep connection to the organization, you don’t automatically interpret the article, and the nonprofit leader’s actions (if, in fact, he did do something inappropriate), the way that many others who read the article probably do. In an essay, recommend to your fellow board members what you all should do. Summarize the problem, provide three plausible solutions you would recommend to the other members of the board, discuss the impact of these solutions, and recommend one solution.

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Follow this format:

· Write an introductory paragraph.

· Summarize the problem in the case study.

· Provide three plausible solutions to the problem.

· Analyze the impact of these three plausible solutions.

· Recommend which solution you suggest should be implemented and articulate reasons for your recommendation.

· Write a conclusion paragraph.

In your paper, please use clear, bolded headings to separate the paper into sections. You may create details for the story to better contextualize the case if you wish.

Length:  3-5 pages

References:  Include a minimum of two scholarly resources. Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards..



The board of a small nonprofit organization in Chicago is faced with a difficult situation. The executive director of the organization is under investigation for possibly misusing the organization’s funds, and the organization is receiving negative publicity. The board members have little knowledge of the situation and are unsure of what immediate action they should take. In this essay, I will summarize the problem, provide three plausible solutions, discuss their potential impact, and recommend one solution.

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