Crime and personality: Personality theory and criminality examined|Quick homework help

Posted: March 9th, 2023

review Reid’s article and share 2-3 things you learned that you didn’t know before.

Reid, J. A. (2011). Crime and personality: Personality theory and criminality examined. Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse, (3(01).

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  • There are multiple theories of personality that attempt to explain why individuals engage in criminal behavior. These theories include the trait theory, social learning theory, and the psychodynamic theory. Each of these theories has its own set of assumptions and focuses on different aspects of personality. Some of the key personality traits that have been linked to criminal behavior include impulsivity, low self-control, sensation-seeking, and low empathy. These traits are often seen as risk factors for criminal behavior, and individuals who possess them may be more likely to engage in criminal activities.

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