Explain the relationship between the 10 Skills and your personal philosophy of change using concrete examples to support ideas.|My course tutor

Posted: March 9th, 2023

Week 9 Assignment: Problem Solving

Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:

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· Provide a clear, concise overview of the 10 Skills and their importance for personal and professional life.

· Provide an overview of your philosophy of change that includes a summary of your approaches to reacting, framing, and managing change and use specific examples to connect them to approaches to solving problems.

· Explain the relationship between the 10 Skills and your personal philosophy of change using concrete examples to support ideas.

· Communicate personal experiences and beliefs that are clear, concise, and target a general audience.

· Develop a presentation or podcast that identifies a clear goal, is logically organized, adheres to time limits and includes written outline or script.

· Create an engaging presentation or podcast that is professional in overall quality and formatting.

What to submit/deliverables: Based on the option you choose to complete the assignment, you may submit either a presentation (recorded or live) or an audio podcast recording, including a written outline or script developed in the webtext.

What is the value of doing this assignment? At this point in your time at Strayer, you’ve had significant experience learning about, developing, and exercising the 10 Skills. How you’ve changed as a result of your experience with the 10 Skills is unique to your academic and personal journey and has likely impacted how you understand yourself and the world around you.

In your previous assignment, you used your problem solving skill to create your personal philosophy of change, which was informed by your personal and professional experiences. The purpose of this assignment is to effectively present how the 10 Skills inform and support your philosophy of change and/or the role your philosophy of change plays in your continued development of the 10 Skills. It also allows you to consider how your experience with the 10 Skills translates to employability and the hiring process.

The value of this assignment is to effectively communicate your experience with the 10 Skills to help others think differently about their own experiences and attitudes toward change. You will have the opportunity to practice sharing your problem solving process in creating your philosophy of change and in connecting your experiences with the 10 Skills to this personal philosophy. You will also practice agility and innovation in exploring new ways of thinking about change.

Your goal for this assignment is to: Use your problem solving, agility, and innovation skills to communicate how your experience with the 10 Skills relates to your philosophical understanding of change.

What you need to complete this assignment:

· Video camera, webcam, or audio capabilities for recording.

· Your personal philosophy of change (Week 7 Assignment).

· Audacity Installation and Use Instructions [PDF] (optional for podcast).

· PowerPoint (optional).

Steps to complete:

Scenario: A local business leader is looking for ways to promote change around personal and professional growth and learning for all members of the community. They have asked you to present your philosophy of change to the community—through a recorded presentation (or live, if in the classroom) or through a podcast they will air this month—to help demonstrate the value of employable skills and opportunities for positive change. The goal is to use examples from your personal experience to help listeners understand how they could begin to think about their own philosophy of change and how they navigate change in different contexts.

STEP 1: Introduce yourself to the audience and identify the goal of your presentation or podcast in a clear, concise manner. Your goal should be centered around how some or all of the 10 Skills and a philosophy of change have helped you—and can help others—exercise their problem solving skill (approximately 1 minute or less).

STEP 2: Since your audience will be unfamiliar with the 10 Skills and your philosophy of change, you should provide an overview (approximately 1–3 minutes total) that addresses the following:

· What are the 10 Skills and why are they important in your personal and professional life? ( Note: You do not need to list and define each skill, but you can speak of them broadly.)

· What is a philosophy of change and why is it important? How can it help you think about and solve problems in your life?

STEP 3: Discuss your experience with the 10 Skills and your personal philosophy of change (approximately 3–5 minutes).  Note: You may choose to talk about all 10 Skills or to focus on only a few.

You can discuss any or all of the options below:

· How some or all of the 10 Skills have informed your philosophy of change.

· How some or all of the 10 Skills can support you living out your personal philosophy of change.

· How your personal philosophy of change can support your continued development of some or all of the 10 Skills.

Remember, your audience will likely be unfamiliar with the 10 Skills and your philosophy of change. Your grade is based on how well you communicate the connection between this information in a way your audience will understand.

Your visual or audio presentation should be approximately 6–8 minutes long. Format for the presentation will vary (depending on selection), but overall the focus should be on speed of overall presentation, tempo of sections, volume (loud versus soft; distractions in certain parts), use of filler words or phrases, inclusion of an introduction and a conclusion, and sounds practiced versus read. Refer to Chapters 8 and 9 in your webtext to review professional presentation skills and tips on how to successfully communicate to a diverse audience. If you choose to do a podcast, refer to the examples in your webtext (Page 9.7) as a reference for formatting and style.

· Podcast Example 1 [M4A]:

. Example 1 Transcript [DOCX].

. Example 1 – Why It’s an A [DOCX].

· Podcast Example 2 [M4A]:

. Example 2 Transcript [DOCX].

. Example 2 – Why It’s a C [DOCX].

STEP 4: Upload your recorded presentation or podcast (including written outline or script) to Blackboard in Week 9



Reacting to change: When I started working remotely, I had to adapt to a new work environment. I had to change my work schedule, communication methods, and workspace. I accepted this change and adapted to it by creating a dedicated workspace, setting up video calls, and managing my time efficiently. Framing change: When my organization implemented a new software, I saw this change as an opportunity to learn new skills and improve my productivity. I framed this change as a chance to grow and learn.

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