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Posted: March 9th, 2023

Write a minimum 175 words

You are a new operations manager for a major financial institution, and you’ve been invited to speak as a guest lecturer for a freshman finance course at the local university.

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Explain to the class what you consider to be a top mechanic of a primary market and a top mechanic of a secondary market. How would you explain the way the performance of your company is influenced by the activity of the markets you described?



As an operations manager for a financial institution, I am excited to speak to you about the primary and secondary markets. The primary market refers to the issuance of new securities to raise capital, while the secondary market involves the trading of already-issued securities. One of the top mechanics of the primary market is the ability to accurately price and market new securities. This involves working with investment banks to determine the fair value of the securities and creating a marketing strategy to attract investors. The success of a primary market offering can directly impact the company’s ability to raise capital and fund growth initiatives.

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