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Posted: March 9th, 2023



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– Please use APA (7th edition) formatting

– All questions and each part of the question should be answered in detail (Go into depth)

– Response to questions must demonstrate understanding and application of concepts covered in class,

– Responses MUST be organized (Should be logical and easy to follow)



Risk Management Audit

Based on what you have learned about CSR and diversity, equity, and inclusion, use this risk management audit checklist to audit an organization you have access to. You may need to consult with HR in your organization for some of the responses. Provide an example or evidence for each row for which your answer is “yes” and a recommendation for your organization when your answer is “no.” Make sure to support your responses by citing credible sources.

Questions 11-13 in the audit focus on CSR. Choose which of these you find most important for your organization and explain why this issue is relevant and how it contributes to organizational effectiveness. Identify legal implications as well as risks if this issue is not addressed.  Write 2–3 paragraphs on this, supporting your explanation with the citations.


You MUST Implement a risk management audit of HR policies, processes, and procedures that identifies key issues and makes recommendations            
You MUST Explain one of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues in the worksheet and how it contributes to organizational effectiveness.            
YOU MUST Explain the risks and legal implications associated with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issue.            
You MUST Communicates information clearly and professionally with appropriate supporting evidence, formatting, and grammar.


Human Resource Risk Management Audit for DE&I and CSR

  Yes No Evidence or example Recommendations
Example: Does your organization include DE&I practices in its mission and vision?   X The mission and vision do not address DE&I. In order to communicate the value of DE&I, organizations should discuss their DE&I practices as part of their mission and vision (Shumer, 2019).
Example: Does your organization participate in any crisis or emergency relief initiatives? X   The organization sends teams to areas of flooding when this occurs. Participants get paid for their time away and receive a stipend to travel if needed.  
1. Does your organization have a practice in place to increase diversity disclosure?        
2. Does your organization have candidate application processes that meet accessibility standards?        
3. Does your organization have candidate application processes encourage a diverse pool of applicants?        
4. Does your organization have a DE&I statement that is aligned with your company’s mission and vision?        
5. Does your organization include the values of DE&I in company policies and practices?        
6. Does your organization explain their DE&I practices and policies to employees?        
7. Does your organization have an anti-harassment and/or anti-bullying policy in place?        
8. Does your organization have a process in place for complaints about discrimination?        
9. Does your organization offer training on DE&I?        
10. Does your performance management process include DE&I competencies?        
11. Does your organization have partnerships with local community groups?        
12. Does your organization have language around CSR in its mission and vision?        
13. Does your organization prioritize suppliers that are focused on CSR?        


Discussion of Key CSR Issue

Address the following questions in 2–3 paragraphs, supporting your explanation with the citations:

· Which of the last three questions (11–13) is most important to your organization? Why is it relevant?

· How does this issue affect organizational effectiveness?

· What risks are there for the organization if this issue is not addressed? What legal implications does it have?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

According to SHRM, “the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) function deals with the qualities, experiences, and work styles that make individuals unique (e.g., age, race, religion, disabilities, ethnicity) as well as how organizations can leverage those qualities in support of business objectives” (SHRM, n.d.)  Diversity refers to the presence of people who differ from each other in those characteristics within a group, while “inclusion describes the extent to which each person in an organization feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued as a team member” (SHRM, n.d.). Inclusion requires employees to not only be able to work with each other but also understand and respect different perspectives and worldviews.

Finally, equity ensures that all individuals have access to the same opportunities, particularly in terms of training, advancement, or promotion. While equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action are a part of this, DE&I goes beyond compliance to focusing on the advantages and opportunities in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


SHRM. (2020, August 17). Introduction to the human resources discipline of diversity, equity and inclusion .


The last question, “How can we create a more inclusive culture and work environment for all employees?” (Question 13) is probably the most critical for any organization that aims to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. It is relevant because inclusivity is a key driver of employee engagement, productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and it reflects the organization’s values and ethics. The lack of diversity and inclusion can significantly impact organizational effectiveness in many ways. For instance, it can result in low employee morale, high turnover rates, reduced creativity and innovation, lack of access to new markets, and damage to the brand’s reputation. Research also shows that diverse teams are more likely to outperform homogeneous teams in problem-solving and decision-making (Thomas, 2019). Thus, DE&I is not just a moral imperative but also a business imperative that can enhance organizational performance and competitiveness.


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