Ancient science includes all the science produced before the Copernican Revolution|My essay solution

Posted: March 10th, 2023

1. Please make a list of products you believe failed because of poor marketing channel choices.

2. Q2

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Why do marketing professionals care about and participate in supply chain decisions?


Choose one event from the “ancient history” of science that you plan to include on your timeline relating to the history of science or mathematics.

Ancient science includes all the science produced before the Copernican Revolution. Describe the event here, including details about the event itself as well as its significance to the development of science.

Explain why you choose this event for your timeline, how it reveals and shaped its social context (economic, political, and cultural setting), and whether people at this time understood the importance of the event.


1. Imagine that you have been a member of a research team conducting an Institution Review Read the entries in the section “Why Write?” which is linked here. The link opens on the first section, called “Self-Expression and Self-Enrichment.”  Please be sure to read all five (5) sections. Then respond to the following questions. Why do you write? What kind of writing do you typically do now?  What kind of writing would you like to do?

2. When you write something, you assume a specific identity as a writer, much like the role of a character. You might assume different identities writing as a student, employee, family member, or friend. Describe some of the character roles you assume in your current writing. Include traits of each role that distinguish it from others. Cartoons of people in different work roles, such as speaker, fireman, doctor, fireman, police officer, waste manager, chef


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Marketing professionals care about and participate in supply chain decisions because these decisions can have a significant impact on the marketing strategy of a company. Supply chain decisions, such as selecting suppliers, managing inventory, and controlling logistics, can affect the availability, quality, and cost of products. Marketing professionals need to understand these decisions to ensure that they can effectively promote and distribute products to target customers.

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