Posted: March 10th, 2023


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For this journal assignment, briefly answer each of the following prompts:

• Critical Thinking ◦ After reading the required resources for this week and

participating in the discussion, how do you define critical thinking? You will want to carry this definition with you, so keep it brief – perhaps 4 to 6 lines. You will find many definitions online – don’t be tempted to just quickly copy one; try to form your own so that it is meaningful to you.

• Heart of the Matter ◦ Considering just what you read in Chapter 2.3 “Looking

Ahead” why do you think the authors see Chapters 12, 13, and 14 as the “heart of the matter”?

◦ What do you think they mean by that? ◦ What two concepts do the authors say these chapters

emphasize? ◦ How do you define these concepts? ◦ Why do you think the authors find these concepts

important to critical thinking? • Challenges & Insights

◦ What do you see as your greatest challenge for this session in general? For this class in particular?

◦ How do you think you can use the concepts in these first three chapters to help you meet these challenges as well as challenges in your personal life as a member of your family and your community?

If you include references to outside sources (beyond the textbook), make sure you cite them properly.



Critical thinking is the process of analyzing information and evidence to make informed decisions and judgments. It involves questioning assumptions, identifying biases, evaluating arguments, and considering alternative perspectives to arrive at well-reasoned conclusions. Critical thinking requires an open and curious mind, a willingness to challenge one’s own beliefs and ideas, and the ability to communicate effectively with others.

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