What element of the energy sector needs further efforts to make it more resilient|Course hero helper

Posted: March 10th, 2023

What element of the energy sector needs further efforts to make it more resilient? Be specific in your selection and explain your reasons.


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What element of the energy sector needs further efforts to make it more resilient|Course hero helper
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Compare and contrast major theorists and their theories presented in the readings/lesson content (  Piaget’s theory, Vygotsky’s theory). Explain how genetic factors and environmental influences play a role in cognitive development.


Define psychology in your own words and what it means to you. How is psychology relevant in your daily life as a health care aid


Imagine that you have been a member of a research team conducting an Institution Review Board (IRB) approved study of interpersonal aggression among preschoolers for more than a year. In that time, your team has repeatedly employed a consistent set of procedures to study preschoolers’ behaviors. The procedures involve volunteer mothers bringing their children to your university’s child development lab for an observed “play session”. So far your young study subjects have been fairly racially homogenous (alike), from middle-class families and recruited (via contact with their parents) from a university preschool, affluent parts of town day-care centers, and a pre-kindergarten program being offered in the neighborhood school district. This means that, much to your frustration, you can’t claim that your study results are useful in understanding the behaviors of different race/ethnicity preschoolers and those from varying socio-economic status (SES) and education level families. But wait…now you have learned that a friend of a friend can help you gain research access to a group of unusually racially diverse preschoolers from varying SES and education backgrounds and you can do observations of these children really soon and at their daycare facility. Several of your team members want to pursue this option and move on it quickly, arguing that there is no time to prepare a formal research proposal before embarking on the study in a new setting. “Besides the time issue,” they argue, “except for happening in a different place, our procedures should go just like all the others we’ve done and we already had them reviewed and approved by the IRB.

· Discuss how your team would be leaving itself open to problems by moving ahead with no revised formal study proposal.

· Explain two problems you might encounter with this approach.

· Then, provide a possible solution for each of the problems you have listed.


All of our readings this week are focused on drug-taking behavior and the effects it can have on our bodies, our minds, our lives, and our societies. Considering each of the various factors discussed in the reading, which  two topics you would argue are the most important things you learned in terms of understanding the impact of drugs in society and in people’s lives?

Part II of your post cannot include quotes. This part of your post must also end with a “Question to the Class” – something related to the topic that you found thought-provoking and about which you’d like to know more and have further dialog.



· How comfortable are you with the topic of sex?

· Why do you think this is such a tough topic for people to discuss?

· How old were you when you had “the talk” and who did you have it with?

· At what age should one talk to their children about sex? (See  Talking to your child about sex, sexuality, and health: Facts + love = success in your readings to help you think about this question).

You may be wondering, “What does that have to do with becoming parents?” Many couples assume that they will be able to get pregnant. If it doesn’t happen right away, they may need to have some difficult conversations. If you aren’t comfortable talking about your sexuality, the conversations about infertility won’t be any easier!

· Based on what you’ve learned this week, and your own experiences if they apply, what are some of the other “tough” conversations couples may face when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming parents?

· What’s the best way for couples to address those tough issues?


One of the most influential paragraphs in an essay is the introduction. It is the first thing your reader sees, and like a movie trailer, the introduction gives highlights of all the best supporting details and/or evidence that will appear in the essay. The introduction will help the reader determine whether or not to read the whole essay.

· Start with a hook for the topic you chose in the Week 3 Discussions.

· The Electoral College in the US

· Learning to Speak another Language

· Going to an Online University

· Immigration

· Art and Artists

· Owning a Home

· The Director’s Role in Filmmaking

· Repairing a Car Engine

· The Environment

· Music

· You may need to spend a little time researching at the Trefry Library or on Google Scholar for a good hook.


Despite the comprehensive background investigation and other pre-employment screening requirements, corruption is still a significant problem in corrections, particularly among correctional officers.


In your initial post, discuss at least three factors that may contribute to, or cause, a correctional officer to partake in one or more acts of corruption? Conclude your response by identifying at least three strategies that correctional leaders can implement to minimize corruption among correctional officers.



Sandra owns a landscaping company that has over 100 employees.  She hired Sam, a Muslim, who told her during the interview process that per his faith, he would need to pause for prayer potentially several times a day depending on the schedule.  Sandra, who espoused a policy of diversity, told him it wouldn’t be an issue.  After the US Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores,  573 U.S. 682 (2014), she decided to stop paying for any kind of birth control through the health insurance she offered her employees. She then started thinking about other ways in which religion impacted her business.  After talking with her husband, she decided to tell Sam he could no longer pray during the workday, as it probably was disruptive to business and bothered the other employees (although no one had ever mentioned it).  She issued Sam a letter informing him that under her religious freedom rights as a business owner, she would not allow Muslim prayer during the workday.  The next day she got a certified letter from Sam’s lawyer telling her that she was violating his rights and unless she allowed him to continue to pray, she would be subject to a lawsuit.

you are Sam’s lawyer.

Note that the 1st Amendment protects you from the government, not private individuals.  Also, what is the law that gives 1st Amendment rights to corporations?  You will want to find that as well (it’s mentioned in the Hobby Lobby case).  Here’s something to start your research on the rights of individuals in the workplace.

As the lawyer, tell us what your arguments would be for your client.  Once you have done so, you may make your personal commentary on this issue.  Here are some things to consider:  Do you agree with corporations having 1st Amendment rights?  Why or why not?  Do you think that corporations should be able to impose the religious beliefs of the owners on the employees and not be subject to restrictions like Title VII?  What if Sam was a Scientologist?  What if Sam was a member of a religion created by his cousin?  How do you know if a religious practice is protected?


Social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is one area of the Internet that has significantly grown in recent decades.

How has this changed the scope and use of Internet activities, particularly as it pertains to sporting events? How would you incorporate social media into a marketing plan and event promotion? How would you evaluate the success of the social media approach?


Each year Team Marketing Report publishes their Fan Cost Index (FCI) report which summarizes the cost of a family to attend professional sporting events. Current reports are only available by subscription, but older copies are available in a number of locations online. For this discussion, please see the attachment below for a copy of the 2019 FCI for the National Football League (NFL).

Please select any NFL team and describe the following, using bullet points in your response:

· Average Ticket Price

· Percentage Change

· Was the change positive, negative, or practically the same?

· How does the average ticket price compare to the League Average?

· Parking Cost

· How does the Parking Cost compare to the League Average?

· What is the FCI (Fan Cost Index)?

· How does the FCI compare to the League Average?

· Finally, please select another team in a different location. Describe the differences you notice between the FCI information for each of the two teams. Please explain why you think they may be similar or different.



Just because you’ve developed a new buggy whip, doesn’t mean people are going to start riding in horse drawn carriages again. Although there may be some in this niche market for this product, most people nowadays drive cars. What’s needed at this point in your entrepreneurial venture is a “Reality Check” about what is relevant and feasible. Also, it’s important that a potential market has a need, is large enough to warrant your efforts and has the capital to spend on what you are proposing.



resilience effort that needs further attention in the energy sector is the protection of critical infrastructure from cyber threats. As the energy sector becomes more reliant on digital technology and interconnected systems, it also becomes more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These attacks can cause significant disruptions to energy supply and distribution, leading to economic and social consequences. Therefore, more efforts need to be made to ensure the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure in the energy sector. This can include implementing robust cybersecurity measures, conducting regular risk assessments, and investing in training and education for employees.

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