International Finance and Global Capital Market |My essay solution

Posted: March 12th, 2023

“Minimum 10 pages. Choose a MNC which has gone through an international stock market financing or international public debt market financing in the past 5 years, conduct a comprehensive analysis on the decision making rational and provide an in-depth discussion about the related financial/business environment. ”

I need the analysis include the concept/topic I have learnt from the MBA 680 Course, such as monetary policy, impossible trinity,  foreign exchange, hedging, options, forward, future contracts, international stock, bond market, etc.,.

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MBA 680C

International Finance and Global Capital Market

Spring 2023


Instructor: Dr. Liping Zhang, CFA

Contact Information:

Semester Hours: 3 semester hours



Course Description


This course is designed to develop a critical managerial perspective on key financial management issues confronting firms operating in a global environment. Through developing an understanding of financial markets, systems, and institutions, students will address a wide range of topics including equity, debt, foreign exchange, and credit instruments, as well as the principal derivative products. In a step-by-step fashion, making extensive use of real-world cases and examples, students will engage in such topics as: money markets, foreign exchange, bond markets, cash equity markets, equity valuation techniques, swaps, forwards, futures, credit derivatives, options, option risk management and convertible bonds.


Course Learning Outcomes



1. Knowledge and its Application

· demonstrate in‐depth knowledge of a particular field of study and/or profession

· demonstrate ability to apply knowledge and discipline specific methodology to solve unique problems

· demonstrate superior ability to identify and interpret new ideas and research in a specific discipline

· demonstrate superior skills in academic research, writing, and communication act as skilled practitioners to move beyond knowledge into practice


2. Complexity

· show ability to carry out discourse and research as an active member of a discipline

· demonstrate the ability to “undertake inquiry and analysis, to solve problems with a high degree of innovation, divergent thinking and risk taking”

· give evidence of integrating knowledge and applying the knowledge across disciplinary boundaries

· give evidence of originality in the application of knowledge (master’s) and undertaking of research (doctoral)


3. Inter‐and intra‐personal Wellness

· demonstrate a holistic awareness of their personhood, purpose, and calling within the context of the communities in which they live and study

· demonstrate an appreciation of the role of community in wellness.

· demonstrate increased professional capacity and autonomy

· demonstrate superior organizational and time management skills

· demonstrate academic and personal integrity


4. Aesthetic Expression and Interpretation

· consider and practice creative engagement and interdisciplinary thinking

· demonstrate the ability to engage in a dynamic educational environment within which intellectual and imaginative products are brought into relation with the most pressing human issues of our time


5. Social Responsibility and Global Engagement

· demonstrate the ability to analyze, appraise and evaluate their discipline in a social context

· develop the ability to become socially responsive agents with a commitment to understanding global issues


6. Leadership

· demonstrate high level innovative expertise, collaborative knowledge and the capacity to inspire others and achieve results

· demonstrate academic proficiency to communicate effectively and to enter into conversation and constructive dialogue with others

· demonstrate integrity and humility in all matters


Course Learning Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes SLO
At the end of the course, students should have the knowledge and skills to:
1 study the concepts, techniques, facts, and theories that are critical to multi-nationals 1,2
2 gain a global understanding of international financial management and accounting 1,2
3 demonstrate their understanding by applying the learned materials to currently existing multi-nationals, and/or by completing various research papers, in class case presentations and quizzes 2,3,5,6
4 Demonstrate scriptural knowledge that relates to specific areas covered within a global enterprise in regard to their financial and accounting matters. 3,4,6


Required Texts and Materials


The Holy Bible, New International Version: Study Bible. Grand Rapids: Michigan.

Cheol Eun and Bruce Resnick (2014). International Financial Management: 7th edition.

More specific reading requirements are under each module outline.

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