-What are considered the basic human emotions and how do they motivate human behavior|My essay solution

Posted: March 12th, 2023

-What are considered the basic human emotions and how do they motivate human behavior? For this assignment:

  • Create a SIX -slide PowerPoint presentation.
  • Detail the basic human emotions and how they motivate human behavior.
  • Provide personal examples of how your behavior is motivated in different situations by the basic emotions.
  • Use the SPEAKER Notes section for each slide to fully explain your answers.

This assignment should be in current APA Style with both a title slide and a reference list that includes all of the sources used. At least one scholarly source must be included and cited correctly.

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  • Happiness can motivate people to seek out experiences that bring pleasure and positive emotions, and to engage in behaviors that promote well-being and fulfillment.
  • Sadness can motivate people to withdraw from certain situations or people, and to seek comfort and support from others.
  • Anger can motivate people to confront perceived threats or injustices, and to take action to protect themselves or others.

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