Dialogue reflection for marriage-family therapy|My homework helper

Posted: March 13th, 2023

Hi, I wanted to request a dialogue script to be made for a 2-3 minute video assignment. The description for the dialogue requirements is below. The class is about marriage-family therapy and the work should be professional.

As you consider and reflect on your work in this course, think about something that has stood out to you or led to reactions in you (e.g., maybe a particular belief system, value, or identity was new to you or caused discomfort to you). And, imagine you just met a new MFT colleague at a conference who is looking to refer a client to you. They ask you, “how would you make it comfortable for a client who is…. (that thing that was new or caused discomfort to you)?” Then, create a short dialog and present it in Kaltura. What would you say to this colleague to let them know how you would provide a safe space for this client? What specifically would you address in your work to make sure this client felt safe/accepted/validated/celebrate?

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Length: 2-3 minutes of recorded video

References: None required.


Colleague: Hi, I’m a fellow MFT and I’m looking to refer a client to you. But before I do, I want to make sure that you can make it comfortable for a client who is dealing with a particular belief system that I’m not very familiar with. How would you approach that? You: Absolutely. In my work, I make it a priority to create a safe space for all my clients, regardless of their background or beliefs. I understand that every individual is unique and comes with their own set of experiences and perspectives, and it’s important for me to honor that.

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