Gender Matters in the Insanity Defense|Quick homework help

Posted: March 13th, 2023

Topic 3: Gender Matters in the Insanity Defense

Breheney, C., Groscup, J., & Galietta, M. (2007). Gender matters in the insanity defense. Law and Psychology Review, 31, 93–123.

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The use of the insanity defense in criminal cases has been a contentious issue in the legal system for decades. The defense is based on the principle that individuals who are unable to understand the nature of their actions or distinguish right from wrong should not be held criminally responsible for their behavior. Breheney, Groscup, and Galietta (2007) argue that gender plays a significant role in the application of the insanity defense, with women being less likely to be successful in using this defense than men.

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