. Describe the relationship between human resource planning and business strategy|My homework helper

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Final Examination Document:

Answer 6 questions only.

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1. Describe the relationship between human resource planning and business strategy? How can businesses ensure the attainment of their business strategy?

2. Explain why variable pay plans fail in a typical organization and what organizations can do to ensure increase in productivity?

3. Distinguish between mandated and voluntary benefits. Provide and discuss three examples in each category.

4. Do you think that performance evaluation is an effective process? Why and why not? In order words, how can this process be an effective tool in improving employee and organizational performance?

5. Define employment-at-will doctrine and discuss how wrongful discharge, just cause, and due process are significant to this concept.

6. Describe the challenges businesses face in maintaining employee healthcare packages? What can they do to alleviate these challenges?



Human resource planning (HRP) is closely related to business strategy as it aims to align the organization’s human resource needs with its strategic goals. Business strategy provides the framework for HRP by identifying the skills and competencies required to achieve the desired outcomes. Effective HRP ensures that the organization has the necessary human capital to meet its strategic objectives. Businesses can ensure the attainment of their business strategy by conducting regular workforce planning, identifying skill gaps, developing talent pipelines, and investing in training and development programs to enhance employee capabilities.

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