Discuss your global impression on schizophrenia|My course tutor

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Assignment 1: at least 200 words APA format; cite relevant sources


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What is your reaction to this video — thoughts & feelings?



Assignment 2: at least 200 words APA format; cite relevant sources

After watching these 5 short chapter videos. Discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding this topic of brain injury.


Assignment 3: at least 200 words APA format; cite relevant sources

Discuss your global impression of the four videos on schizophrenia along with any specific impressions you may have.





Assignment 4: at least 200 words APA format; cite relevant sources (video and other sources)

After viewing the video (Katz, J. (2013). Violence Against Women–It’s a Men’s Issue Discussion) — discuss your views on violence against women. Using the video as one source.

FYI: I am a woman




Assignment 1: My Reaction to the Video “The Power of Vulnerability” The video “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown was an insightful and emotional presentation that left me feeling inspired and motivated. Brown’s message about the importance of vulnerability in building connections with others and finding true happiness resonated with me. As someone who has struggled with opening up to others and showing vulnerability in the past, I found her insights to be valuable and relevant.

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